You Don't Have to Be a High-Net-Worth Investor to Feel Like One

Lonsdale Portfolios is a discretionary portfolio management service for investors with $200,000 to $1 million of investable assets offered by Newport Private Wealth, one of Canada's largest independent wealth management firms for high-net-worth individuals.

Lonsdale is designed for investors who want and deserve a higher standard of investment management from a team of professionals that puts your interests at the forefront of their decisions.

Lonsdale grants you access to the world of high-net-worth discretionary investing -- where ultra-high-net-worth and institutional investors enjoy certain advantages, such as: a formal investment committee to oversee investment decisions, access to alternative assets, specialty money managers and preferred investments generally not available to the investing public. Read more about the investment approach...

About Newport Private Wealth

Based in Toronto, Newport Private Wealth manages the assets of high-net-worth individuals and families across Canada. The firm offers professional investment management and full-service wealth management delivered through a team of multi-disciplined investment professionals averaging 27 years of investment and business experience.

Newport Private Wealth is privately owned and managed by its professionals who, to ensure alignment of interests, have their own money invested alongside clients.

Newport Private Wealth’s investment approach is purpose-built for individuals who want to earn steady income to fund their lifestyle now or in the future, grow their wealth ahead of inflation and protect their capital from significant or permanent loss.

Newport Private Wealth’s services are best suited to individuals with a minimum of $1 million to invest.