Enter the World of High-Net-Worth Investing

It’s no secret institutional and ultra-high-net-worth investors enjoy certain advantages, such as: a formal investment committee to oversee investment decisions, access to alternative asset classes, specialized money managers and preferred investments generally not available to the investing public. These are the advantages Newport Private Wealth brings to the management of Lonsdale Portfolios:

Professional Process and Team for Managing Your Money

The Lonsdale Portfolios are managed by the Newport Investment Committee -- a seasoned team of professional investors who manage the portfolios of some of Canada’s wealthiest families. The Investment Committee directs asset mix, investment strategy and the sourcing, selection and monitoring of independent specialized money managers. More...

They also invest their own money alongside clients, to align the interests of everyone.

The Investment Committee members have diverse skill sets with an average of 27 years of investment and business experience. Cumulatively, their broad range of expertise can’t be matched by a single advisor. As a client of Lonsdale, you can feel comfortable knowing you have the intellectual capital of the entire team behind you -- and aligned with you.

True Diversification by Asset Class

Most investors understand that diversification is important for reducing volatility and enhancing performance, but they are limited to publicly-traded stocks and bonds (or ETFs and mutual funds that hold these). More...

The Newport Investment Committee has access to a broader universe of both traditional and alternative assets— which means it has more tools to protect clients’ capital and earn steadier returns.

The Lonsdale Portfolios include up to 12 different asset categories that provide greater diversification. This helps to reduce risk and generate more consistent returns. Your portfolio will be less dependent on the stock and bond markets for growth and income.

Lonsdale client portfolios include more asset categories to diversify outside the public capital markets, lower risk and enhance return.

Specialized Independent Money Managers for Every Asset Class

The field of investing is extremely specialized. No single money manager can be an expert in every discipline. The ideal solution is to hire specialty money managers with expertise in each asset class. This is a challenge for individual investors, but another advantage held by Newport Private Wealth. More...

Using its network, size and investment capabilities, the Newport Investment Committee sources and hires money managers from around the world. Selected managers are put through an exacting due diligence process and then retained to perform under the Investment Committee’s direction and oversight. The independence (known in the investment industry as ‘open architecture’) gives the Investment Committee flexibility to make changes at any time -- and should give you comfort that you’re not bound to any particular asset class or money manager.

Specialist managers are selected not only for proven expertise in their asset class, but also their fit within the Investment Committee’s overall asset mix and strategy. The net benefit is that rather than owning a basket of assorted funds, you will have a harmonized, professionally-managed portfolio with specialized expertise applied in the right areas, diversified but never duplicated.

The Power of Portfolio Rebalancing

Rebalancing is a powerful discipline that has been proven to reduce risk and improve returns. More...

After all, capital markets are too dynamic for investors to simply ‘set and forget’ their portfolios. Portfolio rebalancing is the process of buying or selling certain assets or investments to restore your overall asset mix to target ranges, thereby protecting you from concentration risk in any one asset class, investment or money manager.

The Newport Investment Committee takes a disciplined, objective approach to rebalancing portfolios. It meets weekly to discuss developments in the economy and capital markets and undertakes a formal asset mix review quarterly. By managing asset mix within stated ranges and by capturing opportunities that the market provides at any point in time, the Investment Committee strives to add value to your portfolio on a pro-active and regular basis.

This is a theoretical illustration of how the Newport Investment Committee rebalances portfolios. In period one, the Investment Committee sets asset mix based on target ranges and its outlook for each asset class. Market performance changes the asset mix during the period. So at the start of period two, the Investment Committee rebalances tactically based on target ranges and a revised outlook for each asset class.

Accountable Reporting and Communications

You will receive a clear and comprehensive portfolio report from Lonsdale on a quarterly basis. You will also have online access to your account. More...

From the numbers that tell you exactly how your investments performed to the commentary on portfolio strategy, everything has been designed for your clear understanding. You will also have direct access to Lonsdale’s portfolio managers whenever questions arise.

Performance is reported net of fees on a quarterly basis. In addition, you will have online access to accounts.